ClearWin Technologies is a global consulting and software development firm that works at the intersection of business and technology to empower organizations around the world to digitally transform and grow their businesses.

ClearWin Technologies is specializes in enterprise consulting, infrastructure consulting and digital transformation for mid- to large-sized, private and public sector organizations across the globe. One-hundred percent independent of affiliation, We help firms evaluate and select software, implement software and navigate organizational changes to ensure that clients realize the full benefits of their enterprise software projects. We offer our clients IT strategy, business process reengineering, IT staffing, independent verification and validation, project management oversight and expert witness testimony.

We offer strategic consulting, implementation services, support and managed services and software solutions that help our clients to focus their customers, employees, partners and supplier experiences and processes using Microsoft ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence/Analytics and related Cloud solution.

  • We believe in the best relationships and want our clients to also have a positive experience throughout their relationship with ClearWin Technologies. To achieve this, we combine extensive expertise with strong core values we embed in our culture. This ensures you get a trusted advisor that puts your best interests at the center of everything we do.
  • Our focus on what matters – your future business state and a multi-touch, hands on approach for your users to ensure true ownership and knowledge transfer across the organization during the course of the engagement.
  • We enhanced and expanded the traditional Agile methodology beyond the IT department, extending its principles across your entire business. This enables us to speed up innovation and accelerate time to market – removing waste and focusing on only critical elements necessary to achieve your goals.