Give your educational institution a real edge with the School Zone App

ClearWin Technologies has created a dynamic new mobile app that enables schools to stay connected with teachers, students, parents and PTAs 24/7. From instant notifications to real time bus routes, absentee reporting to managing fundraising, this is the must-have app to give your school an A+ rating. Here are some of the benefits that go beyond the bus:

  • Keep everyone in the loop - parents, teachers and students are completed connected on formal notifications, upcoming events and school announcements.
  • Make them sit up and take notice - instantly notify parents, teachers and students through Push Notification of any emergency situation, particularly useful if your child were to get hurt or ill on campus.
  • Sick as a dog - parents can easily report that their child will be absent from school at anytime, from anywhere. And teachers can inform parents on what their child missed in class that day.
  • Down the road - know where your child is in route with real time bus information. Never worry again where your child is and when they’ll arrive.
  • You have to see it to believe it - links videos and pictures to share with parents.
  • Let's do lunch - post menus for the month and set-up food service payments, no more forgetting lunch money and you’re child going hungry at school.
  • Raise the roof on fundraising - put the “fun” back into fundraising as the app distributes automatic receipts.
    • Save time with minimal cash collections. It’s all done using the application
    • You can reach every users entire social network with the push of a button
  • Advertise where buyers and sellers meet - local businesses can have a coveted spot at the top of the app to showcase their products and services while supporting their community’s schools.

No more being late to back-to-school night. No more forgetting lunch money. No more running all over town collecting fundraising donations. Best of all, there’s no cost to your school. Give your educational institution a real edge with School Zone. It’s your school. And you need to know what’s going on in your zone. All the time.